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Resin Master customer feedback - 2023            

2023 feedback results scored Resin Master 98 out of 100 for customer satisfaction.


We received feedback from 64 customers in 2023. Each customer was asked to provide a score out of 40. Our feedback score was 2,498 out of a total possible 2,560  which was 98%.  

We request feedback from all our cutomers to help us with our aim to provide 100% satisfaction on every project.

"An Excellent job all round"


Your garden was transformed with a new resin pathway and resin patio area

40 out of 40

S. Brown

28th June 2024

"Good Overall"


Thank you for choosing Resin Master for your swimming pool surround and driveway.

37 out of 40

Mr Fehler

28th June 2024

"The guys worked very hard and made an amazing job - many thanks"


A new driveway and two patios - thanks for choosing us

37 out of 40

Mr Farrell

14th June 2024

"A great job, much admired by everyone that has seen it. Very likeable and efficient team, who turned up on time, and cleared up neatly when they had finished."


Thanks for your feedback we enjoyed working on your project..

40 out of 40

Mr White

12th June 2024

"The job was carried out within the timescale supplied, though had to be recalled to finish the job completely. Would prefer several days as oppossed to several hours to pay outstanding cost in order to inspect work done thoroughly"


Thank you for the feedback. With reference to chasing payment, it is not unusual in the construction industry to request payment on completion of a job. As you will be aware from the recall to alter the edging by 20mm over the 200mm length we do respond to ensure customers are totally happy. You can be assured that our extensive warranty would have covered any problem.

37 out of 40

Mr Parker

20th May 2024

"Excellent service from start to finish, good communication on time arrivals and great workmanship"


Thanks for choosing Resin Master for your resin drive

40 out of 40

Mr Didsbury

13th May 2024

"Excellent service. Work started and completed within schedule. The team were first class - punctual, professional and tidy. We couldn't be happier with the finished result"


Another resin driveway, patio and pathway completed in Felixstowe!

40 out of 40

Mr Plowman

3rd May 2024

"From our first meeting with Stuart Blunden to completion of the work the whole team was exceptional in providing a first rate service. Stuart gave us the confidence to use his company's services and Bill Blunden provided help and advice at his Rendlesham office where many resin colour samples were available for inspection on the paths and the courtyard of the office.

Kieran in the office provided weekly updates on the progress and so we were fully aware of when our job was due to be started. The preparation team worked hard over two days to prepare the driveway and this included pressure washing the old tarmac, channelling out the old drain inspection chambers and fitting new covers and laying brick soldier courses to the driveway entrance and front garden.

Four days later (delay due to inclement weather) a larger team arrived and laid the matting system and resin and completed the whole job within 6 hours. 

Many thanks to Stuart, Bill, Kieran and Rob along with his prep/resin colleagues for ensuring the whole project was expertly managed and completed.



Thank you, that's teamwork that we are proud of!

40 out of 40

J & B Whittle

23rd April 2024

"We have been really pleased with the whole experience; from removing the old driveway, installation of the tarmac and laying of the resin. Throughout the guys have always been courteous, worked really well as a team and we are delighted with the end result. What a difference! Also special mention to Kieran who has kept us updated and been very attentive."


Thank you for choosing Resin Master to replace your driveway

40 out of 40

Mr Lindsay

22nd April 2024

"We were very impressed with the courtesy and skill shown by all of the nine people who worked to achieve the finished result. It is astonishing to see how much labour and materials are involved. We had excellent design service from Stuart who gave us the quote, and were kept informed by Kieran in the office, which was not easy with the awful weather we had. We now have an amazing drive and are so happy with it."


Wonderful feedback for the team - thank you

40 out of 40

J Stringer

16th April 2024

"Resin Master came and did our driveway for us, including fitting drainage to the side of our boundary fence. It is resined to a very high standard in a block black colour and looks amazing.

5 Star Service All The Way.

We had every confidence in the people that came and completed our job. They were expert professionals, friendly and did a superb job and we would like to thank them very much. We would highly recommend Resin Master.."


Fabulous to hear thanks

40 out of 40

Mr Burfoot

3rd April 2024

"Many thanks to the employees of Resin Master for doing an excellent job in appalling weather conditions.


Many passers by have made complimentary comments on the finished product.


Special thanks to Paul, Ian, Tyler and others for an excellent end product."


Another resin driveway completed, thanks for your feedback.

40 out of 40

G Cockburn

20th March 2024

"Very good service - kept advised of progress by phone and email. Staff very polite and helpful, both the office and workers on site.


Very pleased with work"


Thanks for choosing Resin Master for you resin pathways

40 out of 40

G Preston

12th March 2024

"Very Good - The service you provided was very good overall in every way"


This was a very large resin driveway installation

40 out of 40

M Knot

8th March 2024

"Apart from weather delays, most acceptable service"


This was a very large resin driveway installation

36 out of 40

N Tuckar

6th March 2024

"Generally a good job and it looks good. Better communication when you are going to turn up and courtesy to knock on the door when arriving"


Our team are normally good at keeping people informed, I'm sorry but it looks like we did slip up here. I'm glad the finished product was to your satisfaction. And thank you for recommending us.

27 out of 30

A Townsend

2nd March 2024

"So very pleased with our driveway - Excellent!"


Another fabulous resin driveway installation

40 out of 40

M & T Windley

20th February 2024

"Extremely happy with the way of the whole process from start to finish. Would recommend"


Thank you for your kind feedback.

40 out of 40

V & J Ellis

13th February 2024

"Very pleased with the work carried out. It has transformed the look to the front of our property"


Thank you for choosing Resin Master to create your new resin drive.

40 out of 40

S Squirrell

2nd February 2024

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