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Rustic Resin colour samples

On the detailed images you can see the addition of tiny fragments which provides the additional grip that this manufacturer has developed
Rustic Oak.jpg
Rustic Oak - detailed.jpg

Rustic Oak

Addagrip red.jpg
Addagrip red - detailed.jpg

Rustic Sunset

Addagrip Tweed.jpg
Addagrip Tweed - detailed.jpg

Rustic Tweed

Addagrip Beach.jpg
Addagrip Beach - detailed.jpg

Rustic Beach

Addagrip Gold.jpg
Addagrip Gold - detailed.jpg

Rustic Gold

Addagrip Rustic Silver.JPG

Rustic Silver

Every care is taken to provide an exact indication of the colours of our products, however aggregates are natural materials which are subject to changes in appearance and colour. Some of the gravel and shingles supplied may occasionally contain minor concentrations of iron minerals which upon weathering may result in areas of rust spot staining. These iron minerals occur naturally within the gravel deposits and Resin Master cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage suffered as a result of such staining.

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