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How to remove rust marks on your resin.

Resin bound surfaces are made using natural aggregates. The stone is taken from quarries around the world to create a range of colours using blends of different stones.

Occasionally there may be incidents where the stones used have iron ore particles imbedded within the aggregate. This is a naturally occurring event and cannot be identified at the point of extraction and the drying processes of the aggregate.

Recently, we have been made aware that rust marks have appeared on some resin bound surfaces. This is not restricted to just the products installed by Resin Master but has affected installations around the world.

Manufacturers have been working together to identify and irradicate iron ore particles to prevent any reoccurrence, and have worked with professional restoration specialists to develop a product that removes stains where they occur.

The video below shows how simple this process is using a product developed by Stonetec Distribution Ltd, this is called Stontex, Rust Off.

The change to the appearance is as a result of a naturally occurring material and unfortunately the marks are not covered by the warranty. It does not impact on the structure and performance of the installation. The use of the “Rust Off” professional restoration product will remove the rust marks.

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