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Resin Bound garden areas

If you're looking for a low maintenance surface for your garden then resin bound stone is an ideal option.

With an organic look in a variety of colours, a resin surface combines practicality with wonderful natural stone.

Laid on special open grade tarmac the resin bound stone finish provides a permeable surface which lets water drain away naturally.

Perfect for patio's, seating areas, or for replacing a lawn area with a product that naturally blends in with your garden design.

Please note, resin bound areas are not 100% weed free. The stone is a natural product and weeds may be trapped on the surface layer where it can germinate. Whilst weeds can't grow through the base, protective layer, tarmac and resin bound surface - they may grow on it. Your only maintenance will be an ocassional spray with weed killer and a power wash.


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