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Training at Resin Master

The team gathered today to learn more about the latest resin bonded stone application methods.

Today’s training session was focused on a matting based system that is considered to be more environmentally friendly, offering a system that is quicker to install and more resistant to reflective cracking.

Using incredibly strong fibreglass based mesh, rather than an open based tarmac, or concrete bases, the latest development in the industry helps to reduce problems on the resin surface generated by movement in the subbase.

Using a triple layer of carbon fibre based matting laid over the sub base the resin bound stone is laid on the matting. As the resin hardens the bonding creates an immensely strong carbon fibre base to the resin finish.

We have used matting systems in the past with great success, the development of this Carbon Fibre strengthened matting is an exciting move forward for the industry. Tested over the past three years the new process has demonstrated that it suffers less with reflective cracking and can be used on all types of soil.  


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