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Preparation for resin installations

Here we have photographs of the preparation work rather than finished resin surfaces. These are good examples of the amount of work that is necessary for a full dig out and installation rather than an overlay on an existing base.

At Resin Master we offer a five year warranty, the amount that is covered by the warranty depends on whether we do the basework. When we dig out and lay the base we know that it will be fit for purpose and less prone to reflective cracking. This is when there is ground movement below the resin surface. Nearly all the material we remove is recycled, there are a number of local companies that take the waste, for a fee, and process it to be used elsewhere. Ironically we sometimes get supplies from these companies. That means we pay them to take the waste, they may crush it, refine it and process it and we pay them again to supply it back to us! That's local recycling and an environmentally friendly way of dealing with aggregates.


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