Short supplies of materials slow down the construction industry

Addagrip, who supply our resin have been brilliant at keeping a steady supply of resin despite the global shortage. These last two weeks have seen a new threat to the supply of materials for the construction industry.

A shortage of bricks, cement and other materials has been causing problems for the construction industry for a while. The recent "Pingdemic" is believed to have created further issues just recently but industry specialists are forecasting a rocky road ahead:

Professor Noble Francis of the Construction Products Association says "supply issues are likely to remain a problem for the next six to nine months at least".

And Brian Berry, chief executive of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), warns: “While there is no certainty as to when this crisis will ease, with circumstances differing from material to material, most forecast significant material shortages for at least the duration of 2021.”

In the same way that we have managed our resin supply we hoped to maintain the supply of the materials. But our suppliers are running out!

The shortages and demand is also having an impact on our equipment. The work the teams undertake puts a lot of pressure on the tools. When equipment breaks we used to order next day replacements. Now we see delivery times of 20 - 26 weeks. This week we managed to get a new cutter and cement mixer - they had been in the shop just an hour before we snapped them up.

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