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Can you lay resin in the rain.

Resin surfaces should not be laid in the rain, which can present some problems with work schedules.

This time of year can be so frustrating for us all. I’m not referring to the constant playing of Christmas songs on the radio and in shops, or the drone about the politicians misdemeanours. I am of course talking about the weather again.

When you have to replan everything every time the weather changes the forecasts become very important. Whilst we were lucky to escape the full force of storms “Arwen” and “Barra” the wet conditions did stop the resin finishes being laid. It won’t be long before we hear of storms “Corrie”, “Dudley” and “Eunice” lets hope we don’t have any damage with these.

The way that we manage around the weather is to prepare peoples sites ready for the resin layer. This doesn’t mean leaving a mess whilst waiting to lay the resin!

With a full installation we dig out the old surfaces, prepare the edging, add the hardcore and then tarmac over. The prepared surfaces are left with a tarmac finish until we can lay the resin. This means that in Autumn and Winter we can still work through the various projects.


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